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               Ojaahia.com is a nationwide market community; a Social Marketplace, with social networking ideas of posting. The idea behind ojaahia.com is to allow users to communicate with each other, exchange experiences, an open place, to sell an honest product or service, and if you are doing this the right way, you can expect positive feedbacks (Reviews & Ratings).  “Man is a social being… So create something with value and share it with the world.” “Everybody lives by selling something…”

Ojaahia.com unites all market participants in Nigeria; brings together all the different Main Markets in Nigeria onto one ecosystem to create and connect a Nationwide Market Community. The advantages are - optimal conditions, maximum benefits, and without bureaucracy.

This ecosystem of people creating and selling in one place helps the customer find a more diverse set of products. Ojaahia.com provides the people a comfortable life style by reducing the pain of physical shopping. Every product is on your fingertip and you can buy the products with few swipes. It is a boon for all the shoppers as it saves time, money and energy. Shoppers can become vendors themselves, or to communicate with other consumers. Consumers can place their orders direct to their supplier without going through the stress of walking in the hot sun all day in the market and have their order delivered to them and they can connect with Sellers from different main markets, discuss and do business. 

Ojaahia.com helps brands reach unthinkable results by empowering others in the ecosystems and creating channels for transactions and relationships, brands can multiply their potential and impact on markets much beyond their traditional potential.



         The № 1 Social Marketplace in Nigeria “Relentlessly focuses on customer experience by offering our customers low prices, convenience, and a wide selection of merchandise.”



           At Ojaahia, the most extensive and most reputable specialized social network in Nigeria, we aim at helping to improve the business of individuals and create the first nationwide market community in Nigeria connecting all market participants to promote knowledge and development and progress.



         Ojaahia values are:

• Discipline

• Honesty

• Transparency

• Cooperation

• Responsiveness

• Confidence building

• Continuous education

• Customer Orientation

• Environmental Protection

• Privacy

• Continuous improvement of processes

• Professional ethics

• Maintain the confidentiality of information

• Kindness and optimism

• Maintain and upgrade professional position

• Timely and accurate fulfillment of obligations

• Full adherence to the rules and regulations

• Performance above expectations of customers

• Exchange of knowledge and experience among colleagues

• The optimal absorption and maintenance of human capital

• Non-interference in personal affairs

• Keep users and partners alert

• Complete exclusion of racial and gender segregation

• Complete avoidance of racism and ethnicity

• Observe the ultimate respect and respect for third parties

• Respect for cultural issues and norms

• Utilize collective wisdom and community participation

• Effective interaction with stakeholders on the basis of mutual benefits

• System-Based Thinking Management and Management

• Preserving individual health and fitness

• Complete avoidance of entry into political and policy issues

• Complete avoidance of entry into extremism, sectarianism and division

• Avoid any behavior that could distort the credit of Ojaahia


Strategic Goals

• Full implementation of object-oriented management

• Innovation in services and products

• Do all things in the Internet

• Empowerment and development of human capital

• Increased satisfaction of users and customers

• Recruiting top professionals and experts

• Recruit the best advisers

• Use of the best technologies and facilities of the world

• Continuous, quantitative and qualitative promotion of Ojaahia

• Developing partnerships with reputable domestic and foreign brands and brands in other areas