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by on August 7, 2020
My own experience with RuneScape started about six years ago before I joined Jagex in 2014. Many years later, it still receives great attention from my friends and colleagues. It turns out that the game has undergone some transformative changes in recent years and has grown again. At the same time, I am very grateful to RSGOLDB2C for your support. He is my best partner. I can Buy OSRS Gold here at a very low price, which helps me save a lot of time. The game attracted me into a weird and whim...
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by on August 5, 2020
RuneScape has been running stably for almost 20 years. This is a surprising number. This excellent MMOROG game is still outstanding, its 2019 set a record level. The mobile version has made a huge contribution. but all of these tell the game that the game attracted more than one million paying users in 2019. RuneScape developer Jagex said that this game, or the game duo that makes up the modern RuneScape brand, broke a new subscriber milestone in 2019 after nearly two decades of launch in the on...
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by on August 3, 2020
The Dutch independent boy group Sokpop often makes MMOs by themselves. However, this time, they attracted this boutique video game site by nickname two-thirds. The Rock Paper Sock released earlier this week is a deconstruction of Old School Runescape. It uses three simple weapons (a rock, a piece of paper, and a pair of scissors) to dig swords and witchcraft. This is really interesting and worth trying. If you want to Buy RS3 Gold, RSGOLDB2C is also worth trying. Jumping blindly, to my surpri...
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by on July 31, 2020
Some of OSRS skills are easier to maximize than others. Some will require you to use most of OSRS Gold to reach the top. Compared with the more difficult skills that take hundreds of hours to complete, other goals can be achieved easily. Or you can consider Buy RS3 Gold at RSGOLDB2C, which can also help you achieve your goals quickly, and the price is very affordable, which can save you a lot of time. Prayer Prayer is one of the fastest skills that can be used. This is because you can use ...
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by on July 27, 2020
Begin to feel that all game developers everywhere are carrying the breath of summer. We have already introduced you to Tera's summer activities earlier today. Every year, Runescape's summer activities make players look forward to it. All you need is to prepare enough RS Gold to cope with the expenses in the activities. Generally, the rewards of these activities are very rich but at the same time, the cost is also very amazing. You can choose RSGOLDB2C, Buy OSRS Gold , at a very low price, which ...
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by on July 17, 2020
The Summer Beach Party will be held from July 20 to August 10, 2020. This event is very attractive. It is worth paying attention to players. If you have any items you need, you can buy them. Buy RS3 Gold at RSGOLDB2C will greatly improve your efficiency. In this activity, players can participate in some interesting activities, such as beach ball rolling, sandcastle construction, shy coconuts, big smoke barbecue, and dungeon holes. Every 15 minutes, a different activity will take place. Player...
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by on July 15, 2020
There are many ways to make OSRS work, but there are many tips to help. There are many different skills in Old School Runescape, some of which can make money. Of course, how to upgrade these skills depends entirely on the skills you want to upgrade, but some people can earn more OSRS gold medals than others. If you don’t want to spend too much time earning OSRS Gold, you can also choose to Buy Runescape Gold, which is much simpler and more convenient. Rune making The art of rune crafting w...
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by on July 14, 2020
In "Desperate Countermeasures" released on Monday, July 27, 2020, a new chapter in the RuneScape epic "The Elder God" series will soon challenge players to use recently introduced archaeological skills. "Desperate Measures" is a direct follow-up to last year's "Desperate Times" narrative, and will continue the mission line of "Ancient God". Desperate measures will bring players together and use their archaeological abilities to discover new mysteries on Anachronia Island where dinosaurs are i...
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by on July 3, 2020
After its annual exhibition Runefest 2019, Jagex revealed a new skill of RuneScape, while Old School RuneScape will be enhanced by a major expansion. Jagex said: "RuneScape will launch a new archaeology skill in January 2020 to explore its past. During the RuneScape keynote, RuneScape will be unveiled on RuneFest. It will be the game’s first new skill in four years and will Become its 28th skill to upgrade players." The generation of new skills requires players to spend a certain amount of Ru...
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by on July 3, 2020
For RuneScape players with reduced levels, OSRS gold players must depart the temple once a wine is accepted as the monks will get mad and attack. Once the wine has reappeared the best method is to just enter the temple. RuneScape players that have attained a entire degree of 500 will go up the ladder at the temple when sporting a complete Zamorak monk outfit. This makes this method much more easy as there's a wine upstairs that is must more easy to obtain. Learn about the curious history of t...
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by on July 1, 2020
Unlike other bosses in RuneScape 3, When your team is small, you can often get richer returns from Vorago. When the bigger your team is, when dealing with this boss, they start to become more and more troublesome, so you only need up to 9 people, although you can accommodate up to 5 people. This feature requires every player in the team to have a strong combat power. Buy OSRS Gold at RSGOLDB2C to quickly enhance your strength, so that your team can easily pass through and get rewards. Vorago ...
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by on June 30, 2020
Prices inside the Grand Exchange are characterized by RuneScape players, dependent on supply and demand for the items for sale. As a result of this, prices within this market are fluctuating, so the purchase price of any item can fall or rise abruptly and at any moment. Due to the fluctuating market of the Grand Exchange, many RuneScape players utilize various strategies to find out whether an item will increase or decrease in cost and thus make a profit by purchasing and reselling at the right ...
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