on February 26, 2020
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One Africa
The concept of One Africa does not necessarily mean that Africa should have just one president or that there should be no boundaries between countries or that only one language should be spoken or that there should be only one currency.
The concept of One Africa simply means that one should look at somebody from East Africa or North Africa or Southern Africa or West Africa with an ubuntu heart even though one is just from one of these places. If we have been thinking that showing love for one another or being hospitable is optional, then we need to think again.
The concept of One Africa means that one should not only be concerned about the crisis in Cameroon and Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo and Libya and Nigeria and South Sudan and Sudan and many other places but one should also propose a way forward even if one is not from any of these places.
We are here. It was not like this. Therefore, we must fix it. No more excuses. The thinking that the next generation will put things right is wrong.
The concept of One Africa means that speaking a different language from others or having a different culture from others or practicing a different religion from others does not mean that one should be hostile towards them.
We must start taking these basic things seriously. Certificates obtained from academic institutions are good, but it is the living of oneness that is going to move us forward.
Aye Brandon Kiven
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