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by on February 12, 2018
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Street food in Nigeria is on another level. They could serve you as a meal on the go, a snack or an appetizer and they are mostly cooked right there on the spot or cooked from home and hawked from street to street.
Battabox presenter Odunayo tries out different street food on the streets of Lagos,like Abacha (African salad), Boli (roasted plantain), cassava and coconut, popcorn and groundnuts (guguru and epa) and most importantly gala sausage rolls.
"Gala and drinks can be found everywhere in Lagos" says Odunayo
Abacha (African Salad) mostly prepared by the igbos made out of Cassava, vegetables and spices has a unique taste but could be very spicy.
Odunayo's favorite is the Puff Puff which is fried on the road and must be eaten while its very hot.
"Its very hot, but delicious," odunayo comments
"Sometimes we sell 15,000 ($40)or more in a day," says the puff puff seller
Most of the street foods can be bought for as little as N50 - N200 (less than a dollar).
If you are a fan of street food, and you haven't tasted Nigeria's street food then you are missing big time.
Watch and enjoy!
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