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a) We are a nationwide market community: Ojaahia is a good way to facilitate interactions in the Nigerian marketplace. It’s the first and only social marketplace community for the existing offline marketplace communities.


*Users can have a profile page and post Statuses, share their News, Updates, and Images & Videos, have live chats, Like & Comment on Business Owners Statuses for direct interactivity between Businesses & Clients, can rate Businesses in a specific category and leave a comment describing their rate.

*Ojaahia.com enables Users to browse through members’ profiles, corporate profiles and retail shops, unique products, and Listings from market participants across Nigeria.

* Users can get a product delivered to their city with shipping options.

*Users have different options to choose from to pay money.


b)  №1 Social Marketplace:  we focus on trust and security, to provide value in the transaction—both for the customer and the retailer/merchant.   We provide solutions to promote you online; and discover the best retailers/merchants in any main market or location in Nigeria. The easiest way to compare retailers/merchants and find the one that best suits you.

Why partner with Ojaahia when I have my own website?

By becoming a partner with Ojaahia, you will extend your reach for additional sales, brand exposure and more awareness for your products. You will benefit from our global marketing.

By opening a store and listing your products and services on Ojaahia - Social Marketplace, you will earn eligibility for extra sales incentives, promotions, and special offers to help you drive revenue besides your own sales within your own marketing circle. Reach buyers, benefit from global exposure and extensive campaigns with Ojaahia to generate additional income.

By simplifying and making market channels more efficient, Ojaahia.com enables Nigerian Retailers/ Merchants to retain a larger share of the final consumer price of products. Ojaahia particularly helps smaller Retailers/ Merchants to enter local and international markets. Reduction in the costs of accessing local and international markets is very important for the small Retailers/ Merchants because they can’t afford more money for the local and international market.

Let us help you sell your stuffs on Ojaahia…

Trust in Ojaahia: A crucial reason for the use of Ojaahia is for establishing trust…

 Trust is very important… in the development of Ojaahia, this is a crucial benefit for everyone. Users purchasing products on-line need assurances about the Retailers/Merchants they are dealing with and about the products they are buying. Retailers/Merchants selling products on-line need to be confident that payment will be made. It is the responsibility of users to know complete details of the product and the Retailers/Merchants before making the transaction and in the similar it is the responsibility of Retailers/Merchants whether they are selling to the right person or not.

At Ojaahia Social Marketplace if a transaction is taking place between strangers, for the relationship with each other there is registration requirements and screening procedures and you can get complete details of other so that strangers can trust each other.

Users & Retailers/Merchants can come together in Ojaahia Social marketplace and get an idea of whether to buy or sell. If the Users and Retailers/Merchants decide to do business then they require producing complete information for making the transaction and Ojaahia systems are in place to arrange delivery and enable payment. Ojaahia is supported by complementary business functions.


c) Value proposition for customers: Easy to use and unified search experience that aggregates lots of Retailers/Merchants in one place, allows comparing them based on their offerings and the number of reviews they’ve received, and makes it easy to buy a suitable product or service and pay for it.


d)  Value proposition for Retailers/Merchants: Easy way to set up your own online presence, more leads, handy tools for managing orders and invoicing. A big advantage is the possibility of round-the-clock reception of orders.


e) Revenue stream from customers: Ojaahia social marketplace is free to use for customers.


f) Revenue stream from Retailers/Merchants: You plan on making money by using the most popular revenue stream for modern marketplaces: charging a commission from each booking from the providers.


g) Ojaahia provides users with the opportunity: to buy, sell and trade products & services, participate in auctions, post classified ads, post Listings, compile their business directory, and access the Local and international market no matter their location. View job opportunities from local businesses. Track jobs in your area while our advanced human resource tool allows employers to view your profile!


h) You will love Ojaahia.com: an advanced social marketplace, which targets to overcome the gap between businesses and customers. Ojaahia.com design is catchy and yet efficient and practical for real implementations.


i) Providing 24/7 live support: Buyers can connect with retailers/merchants from different main markets in Nigeria, discuss and do business.


j) Ojaahia.com provides access to the Nigerian market to local and foreign market participants: By allowing them to create corporate profiles and retail shops for the organization of trade and procurement activities and advertising and information services, providing broad promotion of goods and services on the basis of the most modern marketing and advertising mechanisms. The ecosystem will encourage the firms to extend the number of transactions they conduct across both organizational and geographical boundaries.


k) From the customer’s point of view, the marketplace offers a one-stop shop: find all the providers for the same product or service, and easily compare them. From the provider’s point of view, the marketplace brings them more clients. Both parties get their problems solved. Everyone wins.